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Project Description

The HealthVault MVC2 application demonstrates usage of HealthVault SDK in an ASP.Net MVC2 project. The solution implements localization for Spanish, Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations for the Allergy dataType. The solution also showcases localization support (using Spanish).

Key features of the application:

  •   Demonstrates how HealthVault applications can be implemented using the ASP.NET MVC2 framework.
  •   Provides screens for a data type demonstrating add, update and delete functionality for the Allergy data type.
  •  Implementation of localization for Spanish.


The HealthVault MVC2 application has been developed by CitiusTech’s HealthVault Practice (, based on our work with Microsoft and HealthVault partners. We welcome your suggestions/comments/feedback on the discussion boards. For any other help, please email the project coordinator –  [Vinil Menon]

For other data types (i.e., other than the Allergy data type covered here), please contact Manish Sharma - 


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